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Eurovent Air Filter Certification

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Eurovent Air Filter Certification

Some Brands Never Mislead

• Scope: Fine Filters Class F5- F9 according to EN779:2002
• Complaince with published performance data
• Filters are tested at an independant laboratory
• The participants must be ISO 9001 certified
• Every year Eurovent selects four filters for testing
• Products are Eurovent labeled
• Effective per February 1, 2007

Scope of the program
Eurovent defnes the certifcation program as: "The Air Filter Certifcation Program applies to air flter elements rated and sold as Fine Filters F5 - F9 as defned in EN 779 in the latest version. version."

When a company joins the program, all relevant air flter elements covered by obove defnition shall be certifed.

Certif ed characteristics
The following performance characteristics shall be certifed:

Filter class: F5 up to F9
Initial pressure drop in Pza

How does it work:
Eurovent will choose four products of the participants product program that will be tested at an independent laboratory.

Eurovent will choose between, VTT in Finland and SP in Sweden. The independent laboratory need to be certifed to ISO 17025 (accreditation).

If the independent test shows conformity with the published data, certifcation is granted.This procedure is repeated annually. For more information on the Eurovent Certifcation Program see www.eurovent-certifcation.com

Eurovent Air Filter Certification

Some Brands Never Mislead

All tine filters that AAF marketsin Europe supported by it's specific litreature and mentioned on it's website are certified. This concerns panel filters, pocket filters and compact flters in the class F5-F9 to EN779:2002. All of AAF's certified products and literature will show the Eurovent label. AAF's Eurovent Certfication gives you the certainty that your filters live up to their performance.

Are Your Filters Eurovent Certified?

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